“L to the OG” Grammy Acceptance Speech by Kendall Roy [Succession]

Snoop Dog: And now the winner of the Grammy for Best Rap Single… Shiiit, how do I get this mother open? Oh here we go. I got it dawg…. Kendall Roy and his boy Squiggle! …“L to the OG”!

*raucous applause*

*Kendall Roy rises and kisses Naomi, before stoically walking onto the stage*

Kendall, leaning into the mic: Uhhhh, thank you. Thanks. This, uhhh, this means a lot. Truly. It means the world. You know, rap has been my lifeline from the very beginning. Through business deals and drug use, walking the streets of New York and family fights, workouts and luxury cruises, rap has been the, the, the soundtrack… of my life. When Rhea came to me and wanted to brainstorm how to celebrate my dad’s 50th year in business, the only idea that made sense to me… was to rap. To bring my dad into the soundtrack of my life. To try and get him to hear the music that my heart beats to. So Squiggle and I got together and laid down some beats, and I knew it had to be something special. And the fact that you all here are recognizing that uhhh… there’s nothing quite like it. 

So I’d like to thank Squiggle and the hours of work we put in on the beat and the rhymes. I brought him nothing but a few lyrics and a lot of passion and he turned it in to an award winning single. 

I want to thank Naomi, who has been through some shit with me and is still by my side.

*Kendall raises the Grammy in solidarity*

I want to thank my family, even though they might not want to hear it right now…

*audience laughs awkwardly*

Roman, Shiv and her husband Tom, Conner, and especially my dad. The OG himself. Who taught me how to be a killer on the mic and in life. I hope he’s proud of me for what I’ve done. I didn’t do anything he wouldn’t do. 

I’d also like to tell my kids to go to bed. It’s way too late for you to be up. Iverson, you’re going to be a nightmare in the morning, get some sleep buddy. 

And I guess finally, fuck… the music, okay… real quick. I guess finally I just want to say, no matter who you are or what you do, whether you’re… you’re a garbage man, or, or, or on a construction crew working on summer homes, or a business man in a suit, everyone has a rapper inside of them just waiting to.. let out their particular…. flavor. 

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