The Soundtrack for [Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga]

I’m not sure if Eurovision is a good movie. I think I am supposed to know but often with comedies like this we need to wait and see how it sinks into culture via quotes and memorable scenes. I suspect it won’t (although I’m already seeing ‘Play “Jaja Ding Dong”’ memes) and therefore will not be a top tier Will Ferrell comedy. But there is some hope, because the soundtrack for this film is straight fire.

I’m kind of joking, but also, I’m not joking. Similar to how the soundtrack is kind of serious, but also, not serious. Since watching the movie I’ve listened to one or more of the songs every day. They went hard making it, and the songs are all funny and well made, ridiculous and catchy. The beats are fast, and they like to pump the vocals like Hans and Frans pump you up. 

Here are some of the songs you should check out and why they make Eurovision a movie worth watching.

  1. Volcano Man– Will Ferrell & My Marianne

This song was released in the teaser for the film. Clocking in at a lightning fast 1:21 this song starts slow, climaxes fast, and stays at a crescendo until the end. As the first song in the film, it introduces the style of music that will be a staple throughout the movie- a European electronica that is equal parts representation and satire. 

The song is fun, but it’s the funniest one on the soundtrack because of the ‘music video’ it accompanies. Ferrell puffing out the bass line with steamed breath, marching through the Highland fjords with his Viking helmet, and hammering at a keyboard across from McAdams are a funny intro to Fire Saga’s inflated view of themselves. You only have to see these images once and the song will forever be good for a laugh.

2. Song-A-Long: “Believe”, “Ray of Light”, “Waterloo”, “Ne Partex pas Sans Moi” and “I Gotta Feeling”- Cast of Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

This song comprises maybe the best scene in the film when a gathering of the contest’s contestants break out into song, a satirical nod to movie-musicals with characters one upping each other in an orgy of music. The creation is an impressive collection of vocals and a fun mix of upbeat pop songs from many eras. The scene is also shot well with tons to look at and enjoy. The characters are caricature representations of their genre of music, but they also can belt out the vocals.

3. Lion of Love– Erik Mjones 

“Lion of Love” is an operatic display of vocal power. Sung by the favorite to win the Eurovision Song Contest (which is real by the way…who knew?) it has the flair of a man who takes himself way too seriously while he sings a song that uses a lion hunting its prey as a metaphor for finding love. Although… it’s pretty catchy. 

The joke, however, is that, in reality, the singer is denied his true feelings for another man by his home country’s government and is therefore the opposite of a stalking predator of love. The song becomes one giant display of over-compensation. A conflicted song from a conflicted character. 

4. Double Trouble– Will Ferrell & My Marianne

This is the song performed by Fire Saga for the Eurovision Song Contest. It plays throughout the movie to varying degrees of disaster. However, when you are able to listen to it straight through, without any scarves caught in hamster wheels or issues with angel wing harnesses, it’s quite good.

The song parodies all the elements of Nordic techno music in a way that makes the viewer smile (especially with the pop it gets from the movie-audience when the pace picks up). It also has a terrific combination of Will Ferrell’s very mediocre voice, and My Marianne’s powerful pipes (who sings for McAdams, and in real life, represented Sweden in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest). This is maybe the best example of the way these songs bridge funny and creative.

5. Husavik– Will Ferrell & My Marianne

This song is an actual banger. It plays at the climax of the film, a sentimental and empowering moment, and the song reflects those emotions. It has powerful vocals and beautiful lyrics about the singer wanting out of life and love until realizing it was there all along, in her hometown.

The song breaks into Icelandic at times, to the delight of the very proud but inferior Icelandic community. The lyrics are pretty, the rhythm is catchy, I don’t joke-like this song, I actually like it, and it was smart of the movie creators to take one song and remove the tongue-in-cheek jokes and just let it rip. The performance helps tell the story and gives the audience something to take with them as good as any memorable movie quote.

6. Jaja Ding Dong– Will Ferrell & My Marianne

Just so I don’t get a bunch of “Jaja Ding Dong” memes…

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